No other carrier offers more small group health options than Oxford

NY Small Business Health Insurance

With all of the options available to small businesses in the NYC and Long Island area, there is one indisputable fact – No other carrier offers more small group health options than Oxford.

Why do we say that? Oxford is the only carrier in downstate NY that offers 3 distinct networks of providers to choose from. Having networks with 3 diverse price points allows Oxford small businesses to offer thousands of combinations of plans from Platinum to Bronze and in combination between all of their networks. Oxford allows businesses to offer multiple plans side by side, from different networks and different metal tiers. This allows a business to set up employee plan offerings that cover price conscious employees all the way up to benefit conscious employees and anyone in between.

Oxford’s network options includes their largest network called FREEDOM. While only slightly smaller (about 85% of the same doctors as Freedom) is their Liberty network. Both the Liberty and Freedom networks allow for out of area coverage using the United Healthcare Choice Plus network when traveling out of state, or perfect for kids in college out of state.

Oxford also offers a narrower sized network called METRO. METRO offers some of the lowest price points of any carrier apples to apples, while still providing access to 78 top notch hospitals in the area.

For an outline of Oxford’s 3 networks, please download the 2019 Fact Sheets here.

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