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For a New York / Long Island Business Insurance Quote, we will need the following emailed to us:

  • Copies of your current Declaration Pages from your existing policies.
  • Copies of any recent renewal notices or notices of non-renewal
  • Recently valued Loss Runs (we can assist you in getting these) will be needed prior to binding new coverage.
  • Completed Commercial Customer Questionnaire:

Once we receive this information from you, we can begin to evaluate which carriers would be a good fit for your company, and submit to those carriers for quotes.

The carriers will usually have additional questions for you to answer, and might require supplement questionnaires depending on your industry. We will keep you fully updated during the quoting process.

The sooner prior to renewal you get us the above information, the better our chances of finding competitive options for you. Depending on the complexity of your business, a good time frame would be from 30-60 days before renewal.

Please contact us today to discuss your business insurance renewal and to get started with obtaining competitive quotes!


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