Dramatic Weather Patterns Reinforce Need For Flood Insurance
Weather patterns are changing everywhere. In early 2012, if residents along the Northeastern Seaboard were told a hurricane was going to devastate much of the coast later that year, many people would have a hard time believing it. Hurricane Sandy removed all doubt when it slammed into the shore on October 29, 2012.

Sandy began as a tropical cyclone that rolled over the Caribbean before heading north. At a certain point, it made a hard left turn and headed toward the Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern parts of the United States. When it made landfall, it was a Category 2 hurricane, the largest ever recorded in the Atlantic. Damage estimates totaled $75 billion, second only to Hurricane Katrina.

Unpredictable Weather
Flood insurance is a must in this unpredictable environment. This is especially true for residents living near the water. Here is an interesting fact that many people do not know: Heavy rain, busted city water pipes and damaged swimming pools are all classified as floods.

Flood insurance is critical because the majority of home and business policies do not cover losses due to floods. Even sections of Long Island that are not near the water can be affected. Statistics show 25 percent of flood insurance claims are from areas considered "low-risk."

Special Coverage
Many homeowners do not realize that special coverage is needed when a company or home is in a specially denominated Flood Plain Zone or other specific areas that flood often. Most standard homeowner's policies are not constructed to cover floods. If a town or country has embraced the guideline requirements of the National Flood Insurance Program, rates for insurance are usually lower.

Whether an area is under the NFIP or not, Peak Advisors provides trusted guidance on the best flood policies available on Long Island. As longtime residents of the area, Peak Advisors is well-versed in the ins and outs of flood insurance. Over the years, we have helped many clients evaluate their flood risk exposure and make good insurance choices. We opened our doors over 20 years ago in Massapequa and have been privileged to work closely with loyal clients ever since.

To talk to one of our flood insurance professionals, fill out the contact form and let us do the rest. Together, we will evaluate your current policies and see if any adjustments should be made.

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