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Homeowner’s insurance, or hazard insurance, often abbreviated HOI, is a type of property insurance that covers the private home that you own. Such insurance covers the value of the home, the contents contained within and additional living expenses. HOI also includes liability insurance for accidents that occur on the property or liability claims against the homeowner within the policy territory.

A crucial aspect of home insurance is that, ideally, the policies are very geocentric. As a Long Island homeowner, your needs are very different from a homeowner in Kansas, for instance. It is very important that you choose an insurance company that specializes in your area. That is the only way you can be confident that the policy fully protects your home and family. A good policy in a coastal area like Long Island requires special features, and failure to include them can mean financial disaster.

New York Renters Insurance
Are You Protected if Tragedy Strikes Your Rental Home? If you rent an apartment, condo or house on Long Island, you need renters insurance. This coverage is a smart and economical way to protect your assets. Although you don’t own the property that you live in, you do own most of the items within it. This includes your clothing, furniture, electronic equipment, books, DVDs, computers and personal mementos that took years to accumulate. In one tragic instant, you could lose everything. Insurance helps you to replace any lost or damaged items. It also assists you in rebuilding again if you have to start over with nothing.

Most people never need to file an insurance claim, but having insurance gives you protection and peace of mind should a fire, flood, natural disaster or burglary cause you to lose some or all of your possessions. Many people mistakenly believe that renters insurance is expensive, but you can find a policy that meets your budget. Imagine how much more you would have to pay if you had to replace your television, computer or clothing? Renters insurance is a great way to protect what you own while also preparing for the worst-case scenario.


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