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    • Compare NY small business health insurance plans in NYC, Long Island, and New York. As NYC and Long Island health insurance brokers, we can help small business owners shop for affordable group health insurance plans.

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Small Business Health Insurance for groups in New York, Long Island, and NYC.

Peak Advisors specializes in affordable small group health insurance / small business health insurance plans and is here to assist you in comparing, obtaining, and servicing all of your New York business insurance needs. We have been providing low cost, high quality health insurance benefits for over 29 years. Visit our small businss health insurance page to find all of the current rates for small group health insurance plans for NY businesses. Peak Advisors will provide you side by side comparisons of the top-quality plans that are available in NY State. We are here to advise you of all the pros and cons of the different insurance companies, assist you in which plans have better networks, and help explain how to see which plans have your doctors. We can teach you about the differences between HMO, EPO, HSA, and PPO plans. We can even help you find coverage as a sole proprietor. We don't charge a service fee. We are compensated in full by the insurance companies and you won't pay anymore to use us as compared to going directly with an insurance company. As a boutique insurance brokerage, we are here to provide you with local, honest, and knowledgeable small group and business health insurance advice and service.
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What do I need to qualify for small business health insurance?

In NY you must have at least one 20hr per week or more non-spouse employee in addition to the owner. This includes sole proprietors with a FT W2 employee; 2 or more K1 officer shareholders of a Sub-S , LLC, or PLLC, or two or more employees showing on a firms NYS-45 quarterly state withholding form.

What do I need to provide you in order to quote my business insurance and/or Workers Comp?

1 - Copies of your current Declaration Pages from your existing policy(ies).
2 - Copies of any recent renewal notices or notices of non-renewal
3 - Recently valued Loss Runs (we can assist you in getting these) will be needed prior to binding new coverage.
4 - Completed Commercial Customer Questionnaire: http://goo.gl/forms/TE6oW4XNFc

What does it cost us to use your services?

We do not charge for our services. In NY we are paid directly by the carriers we represent, and the price you pay is the same whether you use us or go directly to the carrier.

Can sole proprietors qualify for small business health insurance?

It depends if you have an eligible employee. As long as you have at least one non-spouse worker on payroll or 1099 you should be eligible.