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Protect Your Personal Assets from Claims Against Your Business
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One of our most popular but often misunderstood types of business policies is officers and directors insurance. Sometimes called D&O for short, this is a type of liability insurance that protects the officers and directors of a company from damages owed. The awards from successful claims against a business do not always end with business resources. Some damages extend beyond the business to the individuals who control it. This occurs when there has been a wrongful act or a breach of duty. In these cases, those individuals are responsible for the damages and defense costs.

D&O is also necessary for the directors and officers of a non-profit organization. Being a director or officer for a non-profit organization does not alleviate legal responsibilities. If a director or officer fails to act appropriately or does not live up to his fiduciary duties, then he can be liable for damages.

D&O is also often confused with professional liability insurance. Also called errors and omissions liability, this type of coverage concerns failure to perform and negligence, such as with a product or service. D&O, on the other hand, protects the directors’ and officers’ personal finances in the event that they are sued for the performance of company-related duties.

Small businesses often assume that they can get by without officers and directors insurance, but it is important to recognize that, in business, most wrongful acts or breaches of duty occur inadvertently, and a business must protect itself against the possibility of false claims.

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