Medicare Supplements
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Plug Gaps In Coverage With Medicare Supplements
Researching New York Medicare Supplement plans is a good start to making sure that they are a good value. There are many facets and conditions to each plan. Basic research will clear up many questions.

Four Sections
Medicare was created to provide older Americans over the age of 65 with health insurance. Since Medicare was not built to create full coverage, there are holes in the plan that are covered by Long Island Medicare Supplement plans.

Medicare itself covers four basic sections. Part A is for hospital coverage; Part B is medical coverage; Part C is Medicare Advantage and Part D is prescription drug coverage. Even though Medicare covers the largest amount of health care costs, there are still major gaps in coverage. As an example, only 80 percent of most medical costs are covered by Medicare. Beneficiaries of Medicare are also required to cover significant co-pays, deductibles and coinsurance.

Increased Burden
As the number of seniors increases in the United States, there is a growing burden on health care and insurance providers. Without a plan to cover gaps, older Americans may experience significant out-of-pocket costs for both routine visits to a doctor's office as well as outpatient hospital care. There are reports that beneficiaries using Medicare Part B benefits to cover hospital outpatient costs were being billed almost 50 percent of the total paid to the hospital!

In comparison, only 20 percent was paid for many other covered services. It is these types of situations that require seniors find professional advisers to guard against significant claims obligations.

Gaps In The Plan
New York Medicare Supplements are designed to handle any gaps in the Medicare umbrella. They help prevent the burden of paying deductibles and miscellaneous expenses. Every Medicare Supplements plan was created by Medicare itself. Therefore, the benefits of every policy is the same from every company. The major difference is the amount that they charge.

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