Professional Liability Insurance

Professional Liability Insurance
Owning a Business Can Be Risky.  Make Sure You Have the Right Protection.

Professionals take liability seriously. It is a critical part of running a services business. Architects, lawyers, engineers and other professionals need high-quality professional liability insurance to ensure the smooth running and security of their company.

Peak Advisors handles many of Long Island's most prominent professional services companies. Our liability expertise gives these clients critical benefits:

  • Skilled staff - Our entire firm is educated and proficient in professional liability. They know how to bring down the total cost of risk and boost overall profits.

  • Exposure analysis - At Peak Advisors, we can review current exposure risk and suggest the most beneficial plan of action. We help clients find and manage potential loss and determine ways to prevent risk problems in the future.

  • Contract analysis - Professional service providers are awash in professional contracts: auto leases, commercial property leases, services contracts and more. Each should be reviewed for potential insurance problems. We provide a thorough inspection of contracts and help to manage any risk attached to them.

Our goal is to give our clients the most effective liability protection in the state of New York and beyond. We work closely with our customers to bring down their total cost of risk. In the process, we help them expand their client base and build sales revenue.

At Peak Advisors, we invest the time necessary to walk clients through our risk management procedure. It is a multistep process that analyzes risk, risk control, transfer of risk and risk review. Through this procedure, we break down risk situations, determine how to control factors, evaluate insurance risk transfer and continually adjust strategy and tactics to make sure total risk is managed properly.

Do not take risks with professional liability insurance. For a comprehensive review, fill out the contact form on the right-hand side of this page, and one of our risk professionals will get in contact to set up a no-obligation meeting.


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