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If your business needs insurance coverage on Long Island, Peak Advisors, Inc. located in Holtsville, NY is the company to call. Our professional staff will work with you to understand both your business and its insurance requirements, and we’ll find the business owners policy that covers everything you need. Whether you run a small, local business that’s just opening its doors, a mid-sized venture beginning to branch out or a larger corporation with specific risks, Peak Advisors, Inc. is dedicated to setting you up with the most dependable and affordable coverage.

It all starts with the BOP, or business owners policy. This type of coverage is similar to a homeowner’s policy, but it’s tailored specifically to the specialized needs of a business entity. Rather than force you to pay separately for each of the coverages your business requires, a BOP combines these elements into one bundled package. You’ll generally pay less for a BOP than you would by purchasing the plans separately. Plus, you’ll experience the added benefit of knowing that you haven’t accidentally missed one of the required protections. Liability coverage, property coverage, business interruption insurance: It’s all in one place. You can even add components to the standard package if you believe your business might face a few extra risks.

Are you ready to explore the world of BOP coverage? Contact our dedicated team today to get a quote and discuss what sort of coverage your business might require. At Peak Advisors, Inc., your protection is our priority.


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