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Does your business need a comprehensive workers compensation package? Peak Advisors, Inc. can help. Since 1990, we have assisted Long Island businesses and individuals in securing the most reliable insurance coverage available. Whether you operate a small business or work for a larger enterprise, our dedicated team can guide you through all of the details. Plus, we offer numerous pay-as-you-go options, so you can abandon the typical quarterly or annual payments in favor of a more manageable billing schedule.

We will eventually need the following to provide a quote:
Copy of current workers compensation declaration pages or audit, make sure it lists all payroll classes and annual payroll of each class, and tax ID number.

Workers compensation is a type of liability insurance designed to cover business-related illnesses and injuries. Employees protected by workers compensation will receive a number of benefits in the event that they’re injured, and though these benefits vary according to the specific insurance package, they generally include:

  • Medical care
  • Temporary disability
  • Permanent disability
  • Vocational rehabilitation
  • Supplemental job displacement
  • Death benefits

These benefits often function on a no-fault system; your employees will receive coverage even if they can’t prove that the illness or injury was someone else's fault. What’s more, because the insurance doesn’t require an assignment of blame, this system can help companies avoid lengthy and expensive litigation battles.

Workers compensation laws vary based on state, so make sure to discuss your specific needs with one of the dedicated team members at Peak Advisors, Inc located in Holtsville, NY. We’re always on hand to help you improve your workers compensation policy or put together a new one. Reach out to our professional staff today to get a free quote and discuss your options.


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