EMBLEM HEALTH Small Business Plans – Why they should be on your short list for 2019

NY Small Business Health Insurance

Emblem Health small business plans should be on your short list in 2019 if your business is located in NYC, LONG ISLAND, ROCKLAND or WESTCHESTER counties. 

EMBLEM Health is expanding their small business plans to 2 networks in 2019, allowing businesses from 1-100 employees to custom build their health insurance plan offerings that should meet the needs of all of their employees. By having the ability to put together options that can range from Platinum to Bronze, between TriState PRIME and SELECT CARE networks, and options for referral or no referral plans, Emblem Health will have all of the flexibility you need to make your employees happy.

Emblems large TriState PRIME network includes access to over 90,000 private and group practice health professionals, facilities and 144 hospitals in 28 NY State counties including all 5 New York City boroughs, Nassau, Suffolk, Orange, Rockland, Westchester and more.

All Emblem Health small business plans (except HSA qualified) include both Pediatric and Adult dental, Gym Reimbursement, and Teladoc telemedicine benefits.

Emblem Health also contracts with the 36 Medical offices of Advantage Care Physicians, offering medical centers with both primary and specialty care doctors in one location, and in some cases a network pharmacy on site.

To see how EMBLEM Health might benefit your company, please email, call us at 631-207-1800 or complete our online request for more information.

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