Stony Brook University Hospital – Accepts Only Health Republic From NY State of Health Plans

March 19, 2014


As of February 14th, Stony Brook University Hospital will only accept plans from Health Republic, making it the only carrier on the NY State of Health that they accept.

Stony Brook University Hospital is the only level 1 trauma center in Suffolk County and although it is a state hospital, the operational budget comes from the care that they provide. Keeping this is mind led to the decision to limit the networks and plans they accept from the NY State of Health because of a decrease in reimbursements, which would cause a decrease in revenue and the inability to continue the higher quality of care that they offer.

We at Peak Advisors, Inc. located in Medford, NY are registered and licensed on the New York State of Health Marketplace as well as with Health Republic of New York directly. We are also licensed to write the other carriers on the NY State of Health and other carriers directly as well.

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