What happens to Obamacare now that Trump is President?

November 10, 2016


Effect on Obamacare now Trump President – We have been getting many calls and inquiries about how the Affordable Care Act aka Obamacare will be affected now that Donald Trump will become President. Below is a listing of some of the common questions and answers we have been getting.

Will Obamacare end shortly after Trump takes office?

We and other experts don’t believe Obamacare will be gone that soon. It first would have to be repealed or defunded, and then a replacement plan implemented. This could take some time, and our belief is that this will not affect current enrollees for the 2017 plan year.

Can people still buy “Obamacare” policies?

The simple answer is YES. Open enrollment is now ongoing and will run thru January 31st 2017.

 Will I have to pay a fine if I elect not to enroll on a health plan in 2017?

That is a difficult question, as it is currently the law, and depending on how long it takes to either repeal or amend it the law will remain in force. Anyone who fails to have coverage in 2017 is taking a chance that there will be no penalty at the end of the year.

If it is repealed, will there be some parts of the law that remain?

We sure hope so! There is strong consensus on both sides of the political isle that favors guaranteed coverage to those regardless of health condition, or the ability to keep a dependent on a health plan until age 26 (even age 29 in NY).  The good thing here is that for NY members,  we always had guaranteed issue as long as there was not a lapse in coverage of more than 63 days, and we covered dependents until age 26 well before Obamacare.  We expect those rules not to change in NY.

What is Trump’s proposal to replace the current system with?

Depending on where you read it, the plan is to allow tax credits to people not offered coverage thru their employers to purchase insurance on their own. There might be block grants available to states to help fund expanded Medicaid plans for those who now receive a ‘subsidy’ thru the exchanges.  This would help cover some of the more vulnerable citizens who currently have the hardest time paying for coverage.  Most of this will still have to be worked out.

Whatever happens in the long term, the current system should remain for the upcoming year with little change so as to avoid a large disruption in the health market. With that being said, we will have to keep abreast of all of the changes coming down the road.

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