Importance of working with a New York Health Insurance Broker

It has become very clear to me over the past year and a half since the NY State of Health opened its doors how important the advice and guidance of a broker is to an individual looking for health insurance. And it’s not just me noticing this. According to a recent article on CNBC: regarding those choosing a health plan-

– Many make poor financial choices with health plans, costing them $$$

– Financially savvy are not immune

– Consumers research car, electronics more than health insurance

We have had individuals call us up asking for help lowering premiums who are currently enrolled in top Platinum plans that have no health conditions that might necessitate a high end plan. They just wanted ‘the best plan’, but in reality the best doesn’t always mean the most expensive.

We also have clients call up saying they chose a plan but their doctor does not participate in the plan. Others just don’t understand how their plan works, and did not realize they have to pay a deductible first before they start getting some benefits.

Brokers not only assist in narrowing down plan choices, search doctor networks and help to explain the differences between carriers and plans, they are a sounding board for ideas and questions that no other person or company is better suited to answer.

The fact in NY is that it is free for you to use the services of a broker. You do not pay more for your plan when you use a broker, and you do not get any discount for not using one. I question why anyone would venture to tackle the complex task of reviewing and choosing a health insurance plan on their own when for free they can leverage the experience and knowledge of a seasoned insurance broker. You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain!