HealthPass NY Small Business Health Insurance

HealthPass NY Small Business Insurance

What is one thing small business owners in NYC, Long Island, and downstate NY want in their health insurance plan? Simplicity, Access, and Choice for its employees and benefits administrators. HealthPass NY small business health insurance offers all that and more.

Choice: HealthPass NY provides insurance for small businesses via their three contracted carriers: United Healthcare Oxford, Oscar, and HealthFirst.

Access. Each employee of an enrolled business decides which of the 28+ Medical plans offered by HealthPass NY is right for them. Then Employees use money contributed by the employer to purchase the plan that they want. Finally, any additional premium can be taken from the employee’s paycheck on a pre-tax basis via a POP125 plan. Health Pass NY will set this up for free.

Simplicity. A small business can benefit with HealthPass NY by being able to offer multiple health insurance plans under one roof. They also benefit by offering multiple ancillary coverages from HealthPass including Dental, Vision, Life/Long Term Disability, as well as Identity Theft programs. Billing is one simple and easy to read monthly invoice.

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