Alternatives for Harleysville Contractor General Liability Insurance

February 24, 2016


We have realized over the past year or so a steady increase in premiums for Contractors in the NY City and Long Island areas for clients currently insured thru Harleysville Insurance Co. While this has been a usual go-to carrier in the contractor market and one we work with, the recent rate increases have led us to start moving some of our clients to alternative carriers to help save money and slow down the premium increases.

We are getting some good results with this industry thru some of our other carriers we represent such as Travelers, Main Street America, and Merchants Insurance Group to name a few. While there is no one company that can claim the lowest prices for any one industry group, we have seen a steady shift away from Harleysville to the other carriers noted above. Rates will of course be strongly influenced by prior claims and specifics of each business, however if you are one of these contractors who have recently seen a rate increase or have been notified of a pending rate increase, please give us a call to discuss how we can get you some alternative quotes and see if we can help you save on your premiums.

Examples of Contractors that we have seen affected by recent increases: Plumbing & heating contractors, Electricians, HVAC contractors, Excavators, Land graders, Landscapers, Wallboard contractors, Insulation contractors, and Masonry contractors.