Alternatives to Care Connect Health Insurance

Alternatives to Care Connect Health Insurance – We are getting many calls from existing and potential clients asking us for advice for an alternative to Care Connect. As you might know, Northwell Health, the parent company of Care Connect, has announced that they will be exiting the individual market in 2018,  and their group clients will be phased out in 2018 upon renewal or sooner. See their press release here – Press Release

While the exact details and timeline are not yet clear, we want to give you some guidance on what you should be considering for alternatives when the time comes to make a switch to another carrier.

First of all, we would advise those that are affected by CareConnect’s departure not to panic. There seems to be plans for an orderly wind-down, and there are many other carriers in the small group market who will be able to provide comparable benefits to your current plan. Those on individual plans will be in a slightly tougher space as there are limited plans in the NY Individual Market for 2018, but there are choices nonetheless.

Our small group health insurance page – Group Health Insurance – is loaded with information on Carriers who write in downstate NY, doctor and hospital search links, benefit outlines, and rates. It also explains required participation for each carrier. We would advise small groups to visit this page to search for their doctors on the carrier links, which is a good first step to finding a health plan.

Our Individual health insurance page – 2018 Individual Health Insurance – will be updated over the next month or two with carrier information once it is released by the carriers. There are no plan rates or benefits released so far this year.

In summary, please visit the links above first so you can become familiar with alternative plans and options, and then call us to discuss specific questions that come up. We welcome calls and emails from clients and prospective clients alike, and we look forward to answering your questions and concerns in the weeks and months to come.