2018 New York Individual Health Insurance

We work with Oscar for our 2018 New York Individual Health Insurance clients both on and off-exchange. We also work with United Healthcare Essential Plan via NYSOH for those who qualify. Please follow the steps below for the best way to enroll.

Step 1 - Click the Oscar logo below for benefits, rates and provider searches:

Oscar plans do not require referrals to see an in-network specialist, and includes extras such as FREE Telemedicine.

Step 2 - After you have reviewed the carrier link above and looked at plan benefits and rates, we need to then figure out if you should apply for coverage thru NYSOH or Directly with the carrier.

- NY State of Health (NYSOH also called ON EXCHANGE)
- Directly with the carrier (called OFF EXCHANGE).

Your decision on which will depend on your Household Income and the number of people in your household applying for coverage. In the chart below, if your HOUSEHOLD income (include all members or your tax household regardless of if they are applying for coverage or not) is below the limit shown based on the number in your household applying for coverage, then it is better for you to apply via NYSOH.

# of Household Members Applying for Coverage Maximum Household Income for Subsidy
Each Add'l. Household Member$16,720

For those with incomes less than 200% of the Federal Poverty level you should also enroll via NYSOH as you might qualify for the United Healthcare Essential Plan.

To enroll via NYSOH and have us as your broker use this link for instructions CLICK HERE

If you make too much to qualify for a subsidy we will enroll you OFF EXCHANGE. The application forms can be found using the Oscar link above. Download the FULL ENROLLMENT KIT and complete the necessary forms to send to us for processing.

Step 3 - Call us to help you select your desired plan options.

2018 NY State of Health Open Enrollment Runs from 11/1/17 - 1/31/18. Special enrollment period runs throughout the rest of the year for qualifying events.

We look forward to helping you find and apply for your health plan today, so please give us a call at (631) 207-1800 with any questions after reviewing the above information.


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