2018 Best Individual Health Insurance Plans Long Island and NYC

2018 Best Individual Health Insurance Plans for Long Island and NYC

Our recommended carrier for 2018 Best Individual Health Insurance Plans Long Island NYC is Oscar.

2018 is expected again to be a very turbulent year for individual health insurance throughout the US. It is clear that the national trend is towards smaller and more regional carriers remaining in the marketplace such as Oscar, and away from the large national players such as Aetna, Anthem BCBS, and United Healthcare which are leaving marketplaces nationwide. While some might find it difficult to keep all of the providers they might once had access to, Oscar’s network is built on highly regarded providers and top notch hospitals at an affordable price.

While in NY there are some traditional Medicaid programs that have expanded into the individual market, and at this moment there ‘might’ be an expensive legacy carrier offering coverage for 2018, it is our opinion that Oscar is the only plan that will be able to offer an affordable premium along with top notch care and providers. In fact, Oscar’s Simple Silver EPO plan was our most sold plan last year and should be one of the plans you should highly consider.

Please click on our 2018 Individual Health plans link below. The link will lead you to plan rates, benefit outlines, drug formularies, enrollment material, and provider search links you will need to enroll for 2018.
2018 Individual Health Plans

Remember, Open enrollment for 2018 plans is strict and only runs Nov 1, 2017 – Jan 31, 2018. You MUST choose and submit an application to us no later than Dec 15, 2017 to secure a Jan 1st effective date.