2017 Best Individual Health Insurance Plans Long Island and NYC

Our recommended list of the 2017 Best Individual Health Insurance Plans Long Island NYC have been narrowed down to Care Connect and Oscar.

UPDATE: Care Connect has announced they will withdraw from the NY individual (and small group) health marketplace for 2018. Visit our 2018 individual health insurance page.

2017 is expected to be a very turbulent year for individual health insurance throughout the US. It is clear that the national trend is towards smaller or narrower provider networks that promote sharing of information between providers and members to better control the outcomes of services. While some might find it difficult to keep all of the providers they might once have had access to, these networks are built on highly regarded providers and top notch hospitals.  In the long run, it is our opinion that these are the only plans that will be able to somewhat control costs and provide top notch care. While the future of the Affordable Care Act is very much in question, these two carriers are our best recommendation for 2017.

Please click on the carrier links below to review the 2017 Individual Health plans from both Care Connect and Oscar. The links will lead you to plan rates, benefit outlines, drug formularies, enrollment material, and provider search links you will need to enroll for 2017.