2016 Health Insurance Open Enrollment ends 1/31/16 – Secure your plan today!

January 21, 2016


With Open Enrollment for Individual Health Insurance coming to an end on 1/31/16, you have very limited time to secure a plan before you are locked out for 2016. This year, the penalty for not having insurance is the Greater of:
Per Household
• 2.5% of household income
• Maximum: Total yearly premium for the national average price of a Bronze plan sold through the Marketplace
-or- Per person
• $695 per adult
• $347.50 per child under 18
• Maximum: $2,085

To avoid this penalty, you should visit the link below for detailed carrier rates and forms including provider search links. We can help you select a plan once you let us know which carrier has the majority of your providers. You should also review the rates and benefits to acquaint yourself with approximate prices and benefits for plans so we can better narrow down your selection once you call us. Use the link below, and then click on the carrier LOGOS on that page to get detailed benefits, rates, and applications. We are also certified brokers on NY State of Health and there are instruction on the link below as we can assist you in enrolling via NYSOH as well.

Individual Carriers: Use this link to search the individual carriers we recommend and their respective provider networks for both on and off exchange plans:


NSLIJ Care Connect – (aka Care Connect) –Extremely robust Nassau, Queens, and Western Suffolk County network with new inroads in eastern Suffolk and Westchester counties. NO referrals to see network specialists. Most affordable plan options amongst all carriers.

Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield Pathways Network. Has a good network in Nassau County and NYC, more limited in Suffolk County but better than most. Requires a referral to see a network specialist.

Emblem Health Select Care network. Mid-size network that requires referrals to see network specialists. Good NYC and Nassau, more limited in Suffolk but does include Stony Brook hospital.

United Healthcare (Compass Network) – available thru NY State of Health only. Utilizes United Healthcare COMPASS Network. Higher premiums than other choices available. Large network with many choices of hospitals and doctors on Long Island and NYC. Requires a referral to see a network specialist.

Oxford -(METRO Network) – available Off Exchange only. Utilizes the Oxford Healthcare METRO Network. Higher premiums than other choices available. Large network available tri state area. Requires a referral to see a network specialist.

Oscar – decent network in NYC and Long Island. No referrals to see network specialists. Low premiums are good selling point.

We look forward to helping you find and apply for your health plan today, so please give us a call before it is too late.

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