NYSOH – 2015 New York State of Health Insurance Annual Renewal Process

October 15, 2014




Open Enrollment Period and Renewals – 2015 NY State of Health – NYSOH

After speaking to NYSOH representatives, we want to share the proposed renewal process for Individuals who are enrolled currently in one of the participating carriers in the Marketplace. As this is the first ever renewal, we expect some bumps in the road but hopefully the process is much smoother than last year’s initial enrollment.
Letters have begun to go out to enrolled individuals this week directly from the Marketplace, and will continue in waves thru the end of October. These letters will be called an ‘Administrative Renewal’ or something similar. Administrative Renewals will fall into 2 categories: those individuals that NYSOH has been able to verify tax, income, and other verification items, and those that will need to clear up or supply documentation needed in order to verify their information via their online Marketplace portal or via the NYSOH member services line at 855-355-5777.

Each one of these categories will have two options available- renew as is, or renew with changes. The process for each is outlined below.
– For those that are notified that they are Verified and there is nothing else needed by the Marketplace, and they wish to renew into the same plan as of 1/1/15 during the annual open enrollment period, there is NOTHING that these members will need to do as it will renew automatically.
– For those that are Verified but DO wish to make a plan change, they should call us directly so we can guide them to a new plan. This change can be done online on the members Marketplace portal as well.
– For members that get a letter stating they need to provide additional verification information, they will need to update their online Marketplace account with information requested or call the marketplace member services directly to fix any issues. Once they are in compliance and supplied the requested information to become verified, they can follow the steps above if they wish to renew ‘as is’ or make plan/carrier changes.

As far as renewal rates are concerned, most carriers are proposing increased rates in the 5-15% depending on carrier and plan metal tier selected. We are not aware of any plans being removed as an option at renewal either, which will make the renewal process fairly simple for those who wish to renew into the same plan. In summary, those that are happy with their current plan will most likely be best served renewing ‘as is’. Those that are not happy with their current plan, or wish to lower premiums regardless of metal tier are the best candidates for a plan change and should speak to us about alternative options.

We look forward to helping you during this first ever renewal process. It is new for all of us, and we hope you will take advantage of our assistance when the need arises.