Best 2017 NY Long Island Health Insurance Plans

best 2017 ny long Island health insurance plans

2017 Best Health Insurance Plans for NY and Long Island

We get this question often when asked by prospective clients when they call or email our office.  “What are best 2017 NY Long Island health insurance plans?” or “What health insurance plan is best for me and my family, or for my Business?”

While this question does not have a black and white answer, we do see that many people are no longer just shopping by price, but taking a long and hard look at the network of providers, the available Hospitals in network, and balancing that off against the premium to come up with a plan that best fits their individual or small group needs. They are looking more closely at established carriers such as Oxford, Aetna, and Empire BCBS; and considering more narrow network plans to lower premiums  such as Care Connect NSLIJ, Oscar, or HealthFirst even if their doctors don’t necessarily participate with the network in order to help lower their premiums.

Below we break down both Individual and Small group recommended carriers, explain the provide network features, and provide links to search the provider networks. We hope this is helpful and ask that you please call us to discuss any specific questions you have.

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